Another Morning in Paradise

I am on the final stretch of my Australian Adventure and it is becoming all very real.

It is one thing to finally make the decision to pack up and move across the world. It is quite another to actually do it. It is time consuming, financially consuming and worst of all, emotionally consuming. I am working through it like I am in a tunnel of processes, planning for every eventuality…but alas, there are just some things that I can not plan for. Fail to plan means planning to fail…Well, in this instance, no matter how much planning I do, it looks like I have to accept a little bit of faith….BUT, I will continue to plan. Just in case. 🙂

In the final count down, I will try my very best to come up for air, and actually enjoy the last few weeks. Take a look around at the amazing opportunities I have been given by this country, the people and the new friends I have met from living here. Some of which I will miss from Ireland at the same level that I miss people at home from here.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to travel, the burden we will carry is that of always missing somewhere! I am glad that I get to miss Australia.

Black and Gold Surfing


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